Oklevueha Native American Church
of Peaceful Mountain Way

A Message from Our Chief!

Welcome to the Peaceful Mountain Way family!


We are a spiritually adopted independent branch of Oklevueha Native American Church (ONAC), and we are here to serve the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters hailing from all parts of this world.


We offer spiritual counseling and guidance to all, regardless of one's faith or creed, as we believe all religious and spiritual paths to be vehicles for spiritual growth and progress. We are located in Eastern Kentucky, just outside of Richmond, Kentucky.



Unlike most churches, we do not have regular Sunday morning services. Instead we invite you to contact us regarding the services we provide which you feel would help you the most. Private counseling and instruction are available with your pledge of contribution to the church. Other classes and group sessions are available with a nominal donation, depending on the nature of the session.


In order to take part in the services we offer you must become a member listed on the national rolls with the head church's office via the main Oklevueha website. Lifetime membership is very affordable with a letter of good standing from our branch. Contact us to learn how to become a member and receive your membership card! We are committed to your spiritual growth and emotional healing.


We offer our knowledge and service in good faith, and we are here to help discover the source of strength and wisdom in you!




Demian Gover

Chief Minister

ONAC of Peaceful Mountain Way
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Changes for
Peaceful Mountain Way!

Friends and family!

ONAC of Peaceful Mountain Way is looking forward to some exciting changes this coming year! We have just received our official blessing from the mother church that establishes an updated three-leader presidency for Peaceful Mountain Way, signed this December by James Warren ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney.

Peaceful Mountain Way was originally established as an independent branch of Oklevueha Native American Church in September 2015, and as we have personally evolved over the years, our church is evolving as well. Some of our past leadership has stepped down, and new leadership has stepped up. We invite you all to celebrate with us as we ring in the New Year as a team with new responsibilities and new leadership goals!

Please join me in welcoming senior ministers Pat Kattenbraker and Sandi Cruse as they now sit with me on Peaceful Mountain Way’s branch presidency! Those of you who know them will remember that they have served Peaceful Mountain Way and its congregation with honor and dedication nearly since our beginning. They have proven their sincerity, their commitment, their knowledge and skill with an unparalleled grace and consistency. They are two of the most intelligent, ethical and compassionate people I know. I am proud to serve with them, and I look forward to to working beside them for years to come!

Please welcome senior minister Pat Kattenbraker as our new branch leader! Pat is from West Frankfort, Illinois, and has worked with Peaceful Mountain Way since 2016. She has served as a gatekeeper during group ceremonies since 2017, and her kindness and wisdom have made her an indispensable part of our core team!

Please welcome senior minister Sandi Cruse as our new chief of staff! Sandi is from McKee, Kentucky, and has worked with Peaceful Mountain Way since its inception in 2015. She has served as a gatekeeper for 99% of Peaceful Mountain Way ceremonies, both during group events and in private sessions. Her insight and compassion have helped develop and maintain the foundation upon which Peaceful Mountain Way is built!

I, Demian Gover, remain the chief minister and vetted medicine person, acknowledged by the mother church as qualified to facilitate ceremonies with our primary sacrament, ayahuasca. Having trained under another branch no longer affiliated with ONAC, I have personally guided well over a thousand members through multiple ayahuasca ceremonies since 2015, and maintain close relationships with many of them to this day.

We look forward to continuing to serve with honesty and integrity!

Senior Minister Pat Kattenbraker

Branch Leader

Chief Minister Demian Gover

Spiritual Leader

Senior Minister Sandi Cruse

Chief of Staff


Demian Gover -2021