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Spiritual Adventure

Demian Gover, thank you so much for this amazing experience, along with your assistant Sandi, the mommy bear of the group. LOL! Change is coming to my life in this physical world, and this blessing of understanding was needed for me to feel with reflection in understanding of pure love. So I may continue walking my path to (God). He has many names to us all in this Matrix of solid state of quantum physics matter in this this world of free choice and will, but only has one connection, and that is pure love. I write of the message I received and freely pass back to all of you.

For some who don't know me, I am a quantum physics healer and a servant to God in my quest, and his in being a beacon of love and support for the many who will open their hearts in receiving his true blessing of being as one with all. Where do i start? LOL!

The cosmic alignment of this world was so set in stone with the full blue moon healing of the weekend of March 30, 2018 along with the coming of this spiritual event of so many in their understanding of the birth of Jesus Christ. This reality and reflecting doesn't matter in how people reflect, just as long as it is what calls them to search for that unconditional pure love that is awaiting and here for us to relearn and truly understand. The group was set in stone, everyone was a part of everyone in this symbolic reasoning in the search of understanding of oneself. That also included the spiritual teacher of the group, Demian Gover. We started our Journey as one and quickly formed into a geometric pattern of souls who all felt the need to be present together in this universal awareness we call life. (I just saw 1:11 am. This is for Suman, and she knows why 0:) time for me to rest). I truly didn't understand why they considered this plant to be her. Ayahuasca, I could smell and re-taste her pushing me to write my connection with her. I would not expect anyone who has not connected with this plant, and I feel bad calling it a plant. For it is a Medicine of Journey for our spiritual connection in this place we call life. It is a direct connection to mother earth and all her abundance of tools of connection for our spiritual realm of growth.

With that thought, it now brings me to this Cosmic state and how it all evolved and came about with my understanding and theory of enlightenment. Just had a spirit and physical event happen, and this is what happened: My brother just got sick and he was purging. He is okay now. Before that I was in writing and I rested. Spirit came with a beautiful blue light and I was receiving a DNA gene-opening download. As I was writing, I tasted Ayahuasca and heard the sound of one song that touched my spiritual nerve in my retreat. As I rested, I felt like I needed to throw up. I was receiving a third day with Ayahuasca, and this was in spirit. I went through the same feeling as I did the two days before, but because it was in spirit it was much milder. I was so concerned about my brother today, and as I was receiving this download following right after. My brother was going through a Ayahuasca experience and throwing up. He started the purge and freaked out, and had a dry throwing up. He didn't know what was happening to him. After he rested I told him I will explain tomorrow, and I will complete the healing. I let him know he was purging. I will tell him tomorrow he is in healing, and I will lay hands to complete what spirit is requesting to have done with him. I am amazed to have a third day of Ayahuasca. In my writing, mother earth and God are so happy in my understanding and analogy with the transformation of thought I received a gene DNA opening. This is so amazing!

I entered into this realism of the unknown with no expectation. Just hope and faith I would get what I was searching for. I know I am going to start a new life in the spiritual realm. My trip started with a roller coaster ride in the mountains of Maryland and West Virginia at 9:30 pm. As I was driving, the illusions had already started. I was driving in the blackest black places and just pure black. Riding up and down huge mountains and Hills. Spirit was already starting to challenge my mind. It seemed if I kept driving I would drive off the face of the earth. As I was driving I could not see anything before me then I was told go back, this trip is not worth dying for? I already knew I am to keep driving, because turning back is what negative spirit was asking me to do. Adding to this wonderful drive came the rains with downpours like no other, followed by fog. It was so thick I was traveling on a 70 mph road and had to stop. But I knew I couldn't stay where I was, so I just started to drive in this white cloud of smoke. It was a 12 hour drive, and then I get to my destination and I thank God Amen!

I walk in and Demian greets me with a smile, and I open my palms to feel. I take a deep breath and say to him, “Wow, nice beautiful vibration you have here.” I threw my shoes off, and I was in for the experience of my life. Nine people came, and we sat in a circle with everyone speaking about what they were searching for. There was this one young lady called Emily. As she spoke she broke out with tears, truly not understand what was going on with her. As she did this, I just smiled and it was a big one. when she was finished recalling her understanding. I congratulated her and she looked confused. I explained to her, you are in the beginning stages of being an empathic. The reason I pointed her out because I believe she grew the most in such a short amount of time. Now she knows how to use her gifts. She was playing with her best friend, sending message telepathically. LOL! Bravo to you Emily! It turned my heart to gold watching her glow! All nine people had a breakthrough, and we all supported each other. We all had messages for each other that helped all feel complete. A young lady from India turned and said to me, “I think I connected to you because I saw Jesus and the cross?” She had a confused look on her face because she had a different perspective about the other side. I thanked her and told her that makes sense to me. I was so happy to hear those worlds!!

Now it’s time for my reflecting of understanding. So the first night I was in observation, and I was trying to understand why I saw white geometric patterns coming to my face. I saw the history of mankind’s faces on the rug in this room from all walks of life. The Mayans, the soldiers, just everything in history. So the second night was my night to complete this understanding. Again I saw geometric patterns, but it was all black, and I saw red dots evenly distributed amongst the black space. Then a light appeared far in the distance amongst the massive darkness.. and I was like, I need to see this. As I drifted closer and closer, I released my love in the little white bucked I was given and purged too, Hehehehee. Then after, without missing a beat, I continue on my journey. In my travel to the white light the red dots disappeared. when I finally reach what was in front of me. It was like a glowing Beacon vibrational lines in it, many vibrational lines. Then the words that were spoken: DARKNESS IS ALL AROUND, AND I AM THE LIGHT. Then I saw this white light glow ball of pure white light love. The body of Christ is pure white light love. God is the creator of the universe. He made the universe and its expansion, so to send Universal geometric intelligence to us all in order for us to walk our path back to him. In this light I saw many round orbs of white light within it and saw a tint of light blue in it. I was told when we go to the white light we become part of the pure love God sends out into the universe. So we all are a part of this everlasting love from God. But you need to walk your path to him. He is not going to do it for you. So get up and change your habits and follow your heart. We can't just say we want change. We have to live our life to make that change. I knew their was something I had to do, but didn't know what, and when the time came it just happen.

After all these beautiful connections of understanding, I was in rest and at peace. Then I was told to dance by a female spirit, an Indian spirit who wanted to dance. As I dance, the Indian feminine dance, I realize this energy was for another person in the group. I Sent intentions to another person who needed help. After all intentions from spirit, energy was transformed. The other person connected to her feminine and love energy. She got up and danced, and it was so beautiful to see and feel and watch her rejoice. Then right afterwards, my Indian male spirit guide entered me and started to dance. Yes! my favorite dance! That was the traditional turkey dance. I felt his spirit as he danced through my body, the joy he felt being alive again. I finally got to meet my spiritual Indian guide in person. That was so amazing. Later and after I went up to the couple and congratulated her in her connection with her loving feminine side and the reconnection of the love she has inside her. I was rejoicing with the Indians for that special connection that was needed for her to heal was there!! Amen!

Demian, wow just so amazing! as soon as we met we connected as one and we hugged. The energy that came out of this connection was so amazing. Demian was so humble and let me chime in whenever I felt I was told to by spirit. Talk about another brother from another mother! Wow! We just connected so well. We can answer and think the same thought. It was amazing, and thank you for your wisdom, my friend.

Another person walked up to me, and I was able to see a octagon image of triangles all around him. It was pretty amazing. I called him earth man, he was so connected to earth like no other I have ever met. With him, Demian and myself, we supported another group member in her connection in spirit, and that was so amazing, with others who helped. So much to write, so much to say, and I will close this to an end. I went to three spiritual retreats and all was amazing. Every one of them at that time was required for me to walk my Journey. We all need to find our place and feel for what it is you are to do next. 2018 is a year of rest for me. I served God for 7 years, and now I am at rest. Starting a new life and with all that has happened, I am grateful for my life no matter how hard it was. There is no regret, and I have learned to reflect to understand in forgiving others because they are walking their path and are struggling in doing so. We the spirit people need to learn to have patience. Learn to respect everyone good or bad, and take no offense to anything they say. We are all here because we asked God, give us another chance to make things right again. So I ask all of you, please, PLEASE give your soul the chance to heal by finding the self-love that is needed to walk your spiritual path. Amen! From the people who makes it, to the bottle of this spiritual adventure, thank you. Joseph!!! AMEN!

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