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Keeping Score Shuts it Down

Keeping Score Shuts It Down

Life is, FOR YOU, exactly the way YOU say it is. You become the story you repeat to yourself. It is tempting to think the struggles and horrors of the world have the greater affect on our lives. If you say they do, they certainly will. Your goodwill has a powerful affect on the world, but if your actions are combined with fear and anger, the potentially positive affects of your deeds are nullified.

If you wish to bring peace to someone else, first cultivate peace within yourself. You cannot give anyone else that which you yourself do not have. Peace brings peace. Violence brings violence. Blame brings blame. Forgiveness brings forgiveness. We live in a cause and effect universe. You will get back exactly that which you put out.

You may think that the other person has affected your life, but ask yourself this: When the other person has finished speaking, how do I respond? When no one else is there, what do I say to myself? What words do I say to myself? Is my story one of decision and personal power, or do I constantly wish that the other person would change? Am I a victim? Am I a leader? Do I create more victims? Do I create more villains? Am I at the mercy of the world? Or do I declare that the stillness of peace within myself is my true nature, having access to limitless potential, which allows me to accomplish all things.

Demian Gover 2017

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