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Common Enemy

You know why some people are rude or crule to you? It is because they want you to help save their relationship. YEP! Some couples get bored with each other but have found themselves in a place that they need each other, but don’t want to look at each other.

So without even knowing what they are doing, they will make a common enemy. Maybe it’s you! They will push your buttons at first and you will think, “Well, that will pass; we are just getting used to each other”. Then they start pushing bigger and bigger buttons until you can’t sleep at night. Finally, one day you pop, and THEY notice the change in themselves! At that moment they feel the endorphins running through them like they once felt when they first fell in love. So this feels pretty good! They are very happy now. They have something else to focus on rather than their sexless relationship. Now when they are alone all they have to do is talk bad and plot on you. They were starting to gain weight because of the boredom. But now this! The false sense of empowerment comes over them. They feel they can take on the world. Sounds like a drug, doesn’t it?

Now, you have a right to defend yourself when they attack you. But know this, this couple’s relationship means more to them than your reputation, so they will lie and backstab in a second. In fact, in the heat of battle, false accusations are much like the wild words you may say while having sex. You know are a lying, but it is fun to say.

They don’t have anything to lose but each other, which to them is everything. So sometimes walking away is the best way to defend yourself. Let them say the small lies to whomever they want, if those people follow them, let them go. Their frequencies match; yours no longer does, which is good! That means they are leaving your area.

You saved their relationship, for a little while! Eventually they will find someone else to use as a common enemy to stay together, until they find themselves in a place they know they are safe and can separate. Until then, they will never separate because they hate each other. Their spirits know they needed each other at that time in their lives, and they are grateful, even if they never say it.

Well, that’s all great for their story, but what about you? You are upset at yourself for believing that this time you were going to trust someone, and they let you down again. Well, you can choose never to trust again, or you can accept that you are in a place in your evolution where those kinds of people no longer serve you. You don’t want to match their frequency anymore. Then you remember you are also hurt that their lies took some of your friends from you. All this proves is your other friends’ frequency more matches their frequency now. Are you really upset that troublemakers are leaving your space?

You can move on now and attract people matching your new frequency. Eventually, practicing this will clean out your own karma, and you will be surrounded by nothing but positive people. One small comfort is that true friends will catch on to their nonsense. It tends to be pretty transparent.

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