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Plant Teachers

The plants are our teachers.

The traditions of using plant medicines to heal and to explore our relationship with the Great Spirit predate scripture. No words seem to be able to accurately describe the truth behind the great mystery. Even when we see into its depths, and come away with a conviction of love and compassion, words utterly fail to express how profoundly our world is changed. Nothing we say can do justice to the intense gratitude we feel for being.

And yet we try.

We try because to speak and to serve is the only way we know to attempt to repay this gift of life. We speak to each other because we think we cannot speak to the plants, though it is the plants on which we depend for all life. We depend on the plants for nutrition, for medicine, for tools and building, for shade, for the sheer beauty of the world, even for the very air we breathe, and yes we may even depend on the plants for wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Within this wonderful story in which we find ourselves, we have the opportunity to grow and succeed, just as we have the opportunity to fall short and fail. We also have the opportunity to respect and appreciate that which is provided for us, just as we have the opportunity to belittle and insult the world and its gifts. Every moment is an opportunity to appreciate these gifts, and to honor the source from which they flow.

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