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Ayahuasca and Empaths

Ayahuasca and Empaths

There are many articles floating around on the internet about empaths and what they experience. If you have read them you might suspect you belong to this group. In short, an empath is someone who can pick up on the emotions of others without necessarily being witness to their emotional cues such as tone of voice, facial expression and body language. Walking into a room full of people who have been debating can zap an empath quickly. Much like introverts, walking through a crowded shopping center full of screaming kids, arguing couples, and people with a host of issues such as the fear of not having enough money at the checkout may make empaths want to kill themselves.

On the flip side, an empath can also pick up the happy vibes of others and add to that vibration. A room full of laughter will make an empath feel a natural high that they can’t help but join in on, making them the life of the party sometimes. In general passing, an empath can make fast friendships. Whether they are openly smiling at passersby, or sitting quietly on a park bench, others are compelled to pour their hearts out to an empath. This is why empaths make great healers. They give the vibe to seekers that they somehow feel their pain and can understand them. People trust them and open up themselves to get to the real core of an issue. Empaths are emotional magnets! Good or bad, they feel emotion from humans, animals and plants.

Ayahuasca is a special plant brew that helps people get to the heart of their emotions. After drinking it, those who have little experience expressing emotions may start to show empathy. A man with a hard external shell who doesn’t notice the homeless on the street may find himself looking for people to help. He may start to feel their pain as if it was his own. It may feel disconcerting at first, but the lesson to be learned is that to relieve our own distress we must ease the suffering of others. To an empath who has been suffering depression, they may discover which feeling they are having are really their own and which are not. After being able to distinguish the two, the empath has a much better chance of letting go of the emotions that do not belong to them, freeing up their spirits and bodies to actually put their gifts to good use.

From an ayahuasca journey, an empath can learn that it isn’t a curse, but a blessing! Given the chance to feel the real you, you can tell the difference between you and a roomful of other people, the heaviness or lightness you know you didn’t bring with you, while still acknowledging the connection you share. Once you are comfortable with this connectedness, you can start to feel what others are missing. Once you have understood your wholeness, you can feel what they are lacking. It could be something physical, mental or emotional. Combining this almost superhuman ability with your other natural talents of observation, you can pick up the clues needed to help others process their own emotional needs.

After distinguishing between the emotions of others and your own, the next step is learning the skill of not letting other’s emotions affect you. It is easier said than done, I hear you saying, but after taking ayahuasca many empaths report learning the skill during their journeys. They are taught how to catch that emotion that is thrown at them like a baseball, to see it for what it is and to be grateful it isn’t theirs, but not to throw it back! Empaths might recognize that before ayahuasca they did two things with other’s emotions. They either threw it back at the person from whom they perceived it, or they kept it for themselves and made themselves sick. After ayahuasca you understand you have a third choice. Let go of it! Let the ball fall to the ground. If it is a happy emotion, you have the power to send it back and make it grow!

My own journeys with ayahuasca showed me how to use this gift of feeling others’ pain as my opportunity to turn it around, to step back from human judgment and see why they are experiencing what they are, and see what I can say or do to direct this person on the right path. Once I recognized all of this, the rest is just a matter of trusting the Universal Mind. A way to help others is always shown. Emotional healing is a process of dropping your own ego or motivations to act on selfish desires. Once enacted, the universe will conspire to bless both you and the other person in ways you couldn't dream of.

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