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Be Good

Be good to each the face of fear and doubt, in the face of skepticism and distrust, in the face of pain and good to each other. Your judgment of the world reveals nothing about the world. It is a reflection of what you believe to be the strengths and weaknesses, latent and manifest, in yourself. We make judgments about people in foreign lands because it is easy to point a finger far away. We endlessly discuss the corruption of agents of power because it distracts from the magnitude of our own shortcomings. We criticize our neighbors because we believe that to take less effort than to invite them into our lives. The true object of focus for improvement is myself. It is always myself and it will only ever be myself. When I develop what is best in myself, I begin to lose the ability to judge, to criticize, and to distract myself with indignant perceptions of the evils of the world. My judgment of the world is only a judgment of myself. My understanding of the world has value only in proportion to what I myself have to offer. Demian Gover - 2014

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