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Phone Counseling 

Provided by:

Chief Minister

Demian Gover

Bachelor of Science Psychology, B.

Eastern Kentucky University

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc.

University of Sedona

Chief Minister & Lead Spiritual Counselor


WOW! Thank you all for the overwhelming response to our phone counseling. The demand is higher than our hours allow. Because of this we will not be taking anymore new appointments for the next few weeks. We will take new appointments after a short period has passed. If you would like to be put on a waiting list please e-mail us. Thank you.

Looking for change?


                                                           • Emotional wellness

                                                           • Stress and adjustment

                                                           • Relationship issues

                                                           • Career and life path

                                                           • Self-destructive habits


We offer spiritual counseling from an inclusive perspective that allows you to fully explore your personal questions in the context of your existing religious traditions. The answers are within you! Many of us have faced challenges that our traditional institutions (schools, churches, medical providers, families, jobs, etc.) seem to be ineffective at helping us cope with and overcome. Often these institutions simply aren't equipped to see us through our most troubling times.


Together we can explore the nature of the change you seek, and work toward your personal growth and development.


Schedule a phone call today by contacting us with the form below. We ask for a minimum donation of $50 per hour for this service. 

* The spiritual counseling services provided by Demian Gover and Peaceful Mountain Way are religious in nature, and are not represented or implied to be professional mental health services or state-licensed therapy.

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