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For this holiday month, this project came at the perfect time. 

A ministry isn't always a building with a congregation. The world is your church and everyone needs a light to give them hope. Please thoroughly check out this website: 

 Best viewed on a computer, not phone.

Please send me your SNAIL MAIL address to :

                                                                        Subject : RAOKE Cards


I will snail mail ASAP. Free of charge. I will send enough for 23+ days, if you want to do more than one a day. But please space it out over 23 days. Keep a journal doing the Spiritual Diet to see your own personal growth. We do not ask that you share your journal with us, this is for you! It will be thought provoking. 


Asking people to stick to a new routine is hard, even for just a few minutes a day, but to make real change in your own life it must be done. Repetition is the key to real changes. It is my hope that you discover something about yourself and other people in completing this and future projects. May it inspire you to create your own projects / systems/ programs / websites, ect. in helping those around you. Ministering to the world! 

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