We are a driven team of passionate healers on a mission 

to help people find peace in their minds, bodies and spirits.

Demian Gover

Chief Minister

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, B.S.

Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc.

Chief Minister & Lead Spiritual Counselor

About Us

Demian is the Chief Minister for ONAC of Peaceful Mountain Way. He has been studying spirituality for nearly thirty years. His formal education is in psychology, philosophy, comparative religion and metaphysical science. His undergraduate work in psychology began in 1993 at Eastern Kentucky University, and he has received an additional seminary degree in metaphysical science, which he began in 2012, granting him ordination as a certified metaphysical practitioner under the International Metaphysical Ministry. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree (PhD) in Pastoral Counseling Psychology from the University of Sedona. 


Seekers are able to bring back a sense of peace and clarity from Mother Aya, along with practical thinking tools and emotional management skills to take self-control in everyday living. Demian has been working with the healing potential of psychedelics since 1998. Since 2015, he has personally guided over 700 people through multiple sessions of ayahuasca ceremonies.


Sandi Cruse

Ordained Minister

Second Advisor

Sandi embodies the spirit of young Mother Earth. Watering newly planted seeds. Her empathy and understanding create a warm, nurturing environment for growth of consciousness. She brings with her a sisterhood to all our female seekers, ensuring comfort and care.  


Pat Kattenbraker

Ordained Minister

Third Advisor

Pat is a profoundly spiritually-minded mother to all. Grounding roots, she is overflowing with compassion and understanding that everyone appreciates. She is committed to helping people find their path through exploration of self-awareness. 

What makes ONAC of the Peaceful Mountain Way a Native American Church?


What makes ONAC of the Peaceful Mountain Way a Native American Church is not the style in which we practice religion, but in the method in which we seek spirituality. We honor the Earth, our present cultures, and our many past cultures by teaching and practicing meditation, solitarily and in groups, and by using a variety of available plant medicines to induce visionary states that allow us to develop a personal relationship with our Creator. In the custom of ancient Native American ancestors, we accept the use of any and all available resources to pursue a relationship with the divine so that we may bring back knowledge, wisdom and understanding to our individual lives, our families, our communities, and our larger societies. In the realm of natural and human creation, we seek to let nothing go to waste. To honor those who have come before us, and to provide sustainability for future generations to come, we strive to see every resource as valuable and useful.


The core values of Oklevueha Native American Church are

Faith, Charity, Respect, Humility, Honor, Gratitude, and Forgiveness.


A Native American Church does not dictate a specific style of building, although it may make use of one.


A Native American Church does not dictate a specific set of stories, teachings, or scriptures, although it may make use of them.


A Native American Church does not dictate a specific recipe for plant medicines, although it may make use of them.


A Native American Church does not dictate a specific style of speaking, a specific way of dressing, or any number of cultural expressions which may or may not be practiced by members of the church.


Each individual is encouraged to cultivate their own individual goals in their personal, professional, and spiritual pursuits.


It is understood that each person is responsible for their own spiritual development, but it is the community of the church that provides support for everyone to learn and grow in understanding in a meaningful way.




Demian Gover

Chief Minister

ONAC of Peaceful Mountain Way