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We are a driven team of passionate healers on a mission 

to help people find peace in their minds, bodies and spirits.

Demian Gover
Chief Minister
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, B.S.
Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B. Msc.
Chief Minister & Lead Spiritual Counselor

About Us


Demian is the Chief Minister for Peaceful Mountain Way Church of Metaphysics. He has been studying spirituality for over thirty years. His formal education is in psychology, philosophy, comparative religion and metaphysical science. His undergraduate work in psychology began in 1993 at Eastern Kentucky University, and he has received an additional seminary degree in metaphysical science, which he began in 2012, granting him ordination as a certified metaphysical practitioner under the International Metaphysical Ministry. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree (PhD) in Pastoral Counseling Psychology from the University of Sedona. 


Seekers are able to bring back a sense of peace and clarity from Mother Aya, along with practical thinking tools and emotional management skills to take self-control in everyday living. Demian has been working with the healing potential of psychedelics since 1998. Since 2015, he has personally guided over 1000 people through multiple sessions of ayahuasca ceremonies.

Sandi Cruse
Senior Minister
Sandi embodies the spirit of young Mother Earth. Watering newly planted seeds, her empathy and understanding create a warm, nurturing environment for growth of consciousness. She brings with her a sisterhood to all our female seekers, ensuring comfort and care.  


Pat Kattenbraker
Senior Minister
Pat is a profoundly spiritually-minded mother to all. Grounding roots, she is overflowing with compassion and understanding that everyone appreciates. She is committed to helping people find their path through exploration of self-awareness. 

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